Apartment and Multi-Family Property Pest Control

Member Houston Apartment Association

When choosing the appropriate pest control company for your community, it is important that you choose from the best of what’s out there! Many companies hide outrageous additional charges such as German Roach Treatments and Flea Control, which let’s face it, if you are choosing the competition, you will run in to this dilemma at some point. Academic Pest Control will either include these charges or offer a reasonably priced treatment option. This will help any property manager get faster results while affordably managing a budget.

Our technicians spend a great deal of time at their Apartment Communities. Shorter routes are created to offer a more personal and customized service for each community. We get to know our Property Management Team and familiarize ourselves with the individual property needs.

Here at Academic Pest Control, we’ll work hard to meet your service expectations with a variety of goals and benefits that you’re sure to appreciate.

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